Poor hygiene in medical facilities such as hospitals and health care facilities can put people’s lives at risk. Infections spread quickly throughout these places and have devastating consequences. 

Health care environments have strict legislation surrounding hygiene standards that should be maintained. Providing a clean environment ensures the risk of patients from infections is reduced to a minimum.

At Buffalo Janitorial Pros, we understand the challenges faced when trying to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. We work alongside healthcare facilities to provide specialized healthcare cleaning and disinfection services in order to reduce the risk of infections and control any spread from occurring. 

We offer extensive deep cleaning and decontamination services for all areas from wards to high risk theatre rooms. While utilizing state of art technology and comprehensive deep cleaning methods, we complete every cleaning job with minimal disruptions.

Also, all our cleaners are trained making them specialists in all types of health care cleaning and disinfection environments. 

Our healthcare cleaning services includes:

  • Total removal of microbial populations hence preventing the transmission of infectious disease through contact, injection, inhalation or ingestion
  • Safe disposal of waste
  • Emergency service provided fast and efficiently

We are always on hand to provide advice and recommendation on all issues related to healthcare cleaning services. Contact us today for assistance.

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