Housekeeping is one of the most critical roles in the hospital. It involves activities aimed at maintaining a clean, safe, pleasant, and healthy environment as well as controlling healthcare-associated infections and sanitation.

This function has a positive effect on the welfare, morale, and safety of patients, workers, and guests. Good housekeeping practices results in patient satisfaction, enhanced public relations, reduced cost of medical care, and increased popularity among other benefits.

At Buffalo Janitorial Pros, we use robust management systems and professional tools to offer integrated hospital housekeeping services in Buffalo, NY.

Each conscientious janitor in our team of professionals has mastered the art of working effectively within public and high-risk areas to promote confidence in the wider capabilities of hospitals.

We strictly adhere to the correct cleaning protocols for various environments within the hospital to ensure quick recovery rates and reduce the chances of cross infection levels.

Our objectives include:

  • General sanitation for a clean and comfortable environment
  • Creating a courteous and reliable atmosphere suitable for your needs
  • Ensuring the safety of patients, caregivers, and staff
  • High-quality control of cleaning agents and sanitary equipment

For a holistic approach to a solid and complete infection control and cleanliness solutions, contact us today.  

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